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Company registration in Montenegro

We can help you register your company in Montenegro. Our lawyers will assist you in drafting and setting up all paperwork required for company incorporation in a local commercial register. A Montenegrin company offers several advantages, including the ability to operate on the European market while paying minimal corporate taxes.

Corporate business structures in Montenegro

Foreign investors who wish to conduct business in Montenegro must first select the legal company through which they will conduct their operations.

Limited Liability Company

The majority of entrepreneurs who start a firm in Montenegro pick a basic Private Limited Company, or simply – PLC. Limited companies are referred to in Montenegrin as “Drutvo s ogranienom odgovornou,” or simply DOO. DOO is a corporate structure in which shareholders’ liability is firmly limited by the amount of company capital they own as shares.

Joint Stock Company

We help throughout the incorporation process of your company. For your business’s growth, we also provide useful information on new trends in the system.

Company registration requirements

We help get a legal situation for your business while you relax at your comforts. We’re dedicated to your success, so the approach is simple.

Legal adress

We help get a legal address for your business.


We assist you in keeping track of your income and expenses as well as ensuring statutory compliance.

Corporate bank account

We open an account for your company from any part of the world.

Our services are simple and reliable.

Consultation about Company registration

Incorporating a business in Montenegro may be advantageous for individuals looking for a jurisdiction with strong ties to the European Union and low corporate tax rates. Montenegro, on the other hand, does not fall under the category of “Black-list offshore,” which would allow your company to operate on EU soil and open a bank account with a European bank. Throughout the company formation process, our attorneys can offer you legal advice and comprehensive legal support. 

Among other advantages are: 

  • Montenegro has a simple and clear company establishment process. 
  • When compared with practically every other European jurisdiction, CIT rates are significantly lower. 
  • The official currency of Montenegro is the Euro. 
  • The European Union and the European economy are inextricably linked to the country. 

A financial institution’s system that does not take part in automated data exchange. 

Please contact our lawyers if you require additional information regarding the legal status and application of the Montenegrin company. We’ll get back to you within two business days with a business offer for the services you’ve requested. 

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