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Joint Stock Company in Montenegro

Foreign investors who wish to conduct business in Montenegro must first select the legal company through which they will conduct their operations. The fundamental legislative framework that governs the types of businesses that can be registered in Montenegro is the Company Law.

In Montenegro, an entrepreneur can establish a variety of businesses, including simple business forms with unlimited liability and more complex business forms with limited liability and other benefits.

The legal structure of a company should be determined by the size of the firm and the activities to be carried out by the entrepreneur.

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Joint Stock Company registration conditions

To register JSC in Montenegro it is required to prepare copies of the identity card of the founders  and articles on association.


It takes 5 weeks to set up JSC.


It costs up to €11,270 to register JSC.

Compulsory regulation

For the foundation of a JSC, the monetary portion of a founding stock must be at least €25,000. It is also mandatory for the company to open a bank account.


Applicant must file the registration form of CRBE.

We help you in preparing and filing all the required documents for the incorporation.

Consultation about Joint Stock Company registration

We are highly skilled individuals best for your registration services. We ensure your company is set up with ease.


We offer accounting solutions in Montenegro for all or part of the financial function, and we have experience in various industries. We can provide cross-border integrated solutions.


International corporations’ tax reporting will become more transparent. A firm can be a Montenegrin tax resident while also having representative offices and branches in other countries.

Bank account

You’ll need the personal information of everyone connected in the company.

Other legal forms in Montenegro

Montenegro has grown to be a hub attracting foreign investors. There are a lot of company structures that can be set up here. It all depends on the nature of your business. It can be a sole proprietor, a branch office, or a limited liability.

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