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Immigration and corporate services in Montenegro

Montenegro Legal is a company providing business immigration, business support, and business setup services. Our international team of lawyers, immigration agents, and other specialists working in this industry is cross-functional and is capable of providing you with complex services, based on your needs.

Company registration

We can offer you company registration services in Montenegro. Our lawyers will help you draft all documents required for company incorporation in a local commercial register as well as set everything up. Montenegrin company has several advantages, allowing to operate on the European market while imposing low business taxation.

Incorporating a company in Montenegro may be beneficial for those seeking a jurisdiction having close ties with the European Union while offering low corporate taxation for resident companies. At the same time, Montenegro does not qualify as “Black-list offshore”.


We prepare and provide quality information that helps you in making better business decisions.

Our trained accountants help you in solving your business problems and looking for possible solutions.


Montenegro offers all foreign investors and entrepreneurs to apply for Montenegrin citizenship based on investment in real estate property and citizenship by naturalization. Press the button below to read more information.

VISA acquisition

We make it possible for you to apply online, walk you through the procedure, answer questions, and double-check your application for errors per Montenegrin visa rules.

We keep you updated, pick up your passport when your visa is ready, double-check that the visa is correct, then courier the documents back to you in time for your journey.

Business in Montenegro

Montenegrin economy relies on services with economy dominating industries of: 

  • Steel production; 
  • Aluminum production; 
  • Consumer goods production; 
  • Agricultural processing; 
  • Tourism. 


Lately, tourism in Montenegro becomes more and more popular every year, contributing more funds to the GDP. 

Today it estimates approximately 4.8% of the country’s GDP, having over 22 000 people employed in this industry. The only country with a more rapidly developing tourism sector currently is Macao, the People’s Republic of China, making Montenegro’s tourism second most quickly developing in the world! This provides a great business environment for hotel, spa, catering, and leisure businesses. 

Doing business

Montenegro is placed 50th out of 190 economies in terms of ease of doing business, according to the World Bank’s 2018 annual assessment.

A low corporate tax rate, an easy and efficient company incorporation process and supportive strategies and laws for foreign direct investment and foreign ownership are among the reasons why many people have selected Montenegro as a place for their business.

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