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Accountancy in Montenegro

We offer services to businesses and people that assist them in analyzing financial data and making key business decisions. Financial documents are created and analyzed by us. Our experts are constantly on the lookout for methods to optimize financial processes, improve accounting procedures, and estimate future revenues.

Bookkeeping solution

We provide businesses with a reliable indicator of their performance. We also supply data for making broad strategic decisions as well as a benchmark for the company’s revenue and income targets. To pay corporation tax, our team guarantees that all-important financial papers, incomings, and outgoings are meticulously maintained. You won’t have to waste time looking for receipts and invoices if you keep track of your earnings properly.

Maintenance of financial accounting and reporting

We assist you in making informed business decisions based on the financial health of your organization.

Support for statutory or internal audit

We assist businesses with streamlining financial operations and maintaining internal controls. 

Preparation of annual reports

Our experts provide you with information about the company’s mission and history, as well as a summary of the previous year’s accomplishments.

Drawing up permanent reports on accounting documents

We keep records of all your financial documents.

Management of company accounts

We provide financial reports that are used by business owners and managers to make day-to-day and long-term decisions.

HR payroll management

We prepare your company’s payroll with our easy-to-do payroll management system.

Benefits of outsourced accounting

Here are some of the benefits of outsourcing your accounts:

Bookkeeping for business

We provide enterprises with a trustworthy performance indicator. We also provide information for making broad strategic decisions, as well as a benchmark for the company’s revenue and profit goals. Our team ensures that all vital financial records, incomings, and outgoings are scrupulously maintained to pay corporation tax.

Taxes in Montenegro

The major taxes paid by people and businesses in Montenegro are set at very modest rates under Montenegrin legislation. In Montenegro, for example, income tax is imposed at a flat rate of 9%, while in Russia, it ranges from 12% to 13% depending on the amount of income. The taxing conditions are determined by whether or not the payer is a Montenegrin tax resident.

Learn about taxes

An individual must be a full-time resident of Montenegro for at least 183 days per year to be deemed a tax resident and subject to Montenegrin taxes. Tax residents are taxed on regional and worldwide income that enters Montenegro.

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