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Banking solutions in Montenegro

Montenegro’s banking industry is privatized, with 13 privately held banks operating throughout the country. The banking industry operates on market conditions. Foreign investors can obtain credit on the local market and have access to a wide range of credit instruments, as the majority of Montenegrin banks are members of international banking groups.

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Open bank account in Montenegro

We offer smart digital banking solutions to satisfy client expectations and prevent churn, allowing them to provide a wide range of services across all digital channels in a uniform, simple, and safe manner.

Types of bank account

Montenegro offers a variety of options depending on the objectives, regularity of transactions, and region of the user. The following are some of the types available:

Personal bank account

To open your personal bank account, we use a self-service, stress-free, and secure procedure.

Corporate bank account

By providing resources and offering advisory services we will help you set up your corporate account in any bank of your choice.

Trading bank account

Our services are designed to provide a smooth and secure transaction experience.

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These are some of the requirements for opening a bank account in Montenegro:

  • Agreement on the account’s opening and maintenance,
  • OP (signature confirmation) – the Main Court-approved form,
  • A Montenegrin tax authorities document with the taxpayer’s identification number (PIB),
  • The company’s Montenegrin tax identification number (PDW),
  • The company’s incorporation deed,

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