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Limited liability Company in Montenegro

Before company formation, choosing the correct corporate structure and strategy for launching a business in Montenegro is critical.

The legal structure of a company should be determined by the size of the firm and the activities to be carried out by the entrepreneur.

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Limited liability Company registration conditions

The company must have a Montenegrin registered address.

There must be at least one shareholder, who can be a natural person or a legal organization, and who can be a Montenegrin resident or a non-resident.

At least one manager must be appointed who is not needed to be a Montenegrin resident.


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Compulsory regulation

If incorporating a limited company in Montenegro the are several legal requirements, which must be necessarily followed: 

  • Your company must have between 1 and 30 founding shareholders; 
  • There are no legal restrictions, shareholder can be a resident or foreign natural or legal person; 
  • Paid share capital must be at least 1 EUR worth; 
  • The Director of the company must be a resident of Montenegro, with paid salary; 
  • Passports and personal data of all shareholders and directors must be presented. 

All shareholders and directors must be at least 18 years old and have no legal restrictions set by law or by a court, not allowing taking such positions in companies. 


There are a few documents required: 

the articles of incorporation, the company structure, a list of the founders, and the members of the board of directors are some documents required. 

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Consultation about Limited liability Company registration

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Non-residents must pay tax solely on income sourced in Montenegro, while Montenegrin residents must pay tax only on income sourced in Montenegro. 9 percent and 11 percent progressive income tax rates are mandated.

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Other legal forms in Montenegro

Entrepreneurs interested in investing in Montenegro should be aware of the many sorts of businesses available. Montenegro allows the registration of the following entities: A sole proprietorship, a general partnership, a limited partnership, a limited liability corporation, and a joint-stock company are all examples of business structures.

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