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We are the most reputable immigration and relocation firm. We have successfully helped thousands of people from over 50 countries with stress-free, quick visa processing and relocation assistance in Montenegro over the last decade. Our watchword is dedication and satisfaction.

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We confirmed that we would provide mobility and resettlement assistance.

Available types of visas in Montenegro

The Montenegrin Visa Policy provides a variety of visa and travel authorization options for visitors to the nation.

Short-stay VISA

Our mission is to successfully assist our clients and their families in immigrating to the country of their choice.

If you despise dealing with bureaucratic red tape and would rather have someone else handle the paperwork so you can concentrate on your trip, our services may be an excellent choice for you.

Long-stay VISA

From the start of the procedure until the visa is received, we are responsible for informing our clients about the documentation that the immigration authorities want. Press the button below to know more about long-stay visa in Montenegro.

Immigrant VISA

We work hard to identify ways to help our customers secure their futures by leading them down the appropriate road and processing their cases as quickly as possible while minimizing rejection of immigrant VISA.

Reach us today, and be one of our successful clients.

VISA acquisition procedure

There are procedures you must follow to ensure that you process your visa smoothly.

Here are the steps: 

  1. Determine whether you require a visa, 
  2. Decide on the type of visa you’ll be applying for, 
  3. Complete the visa application, 
  4. Make a payment for your application fee, 
  5. Arrange for a visa interview, 
  6. Compile the document file, 
  7. Show up for the visa interview, 
  8. Wait for the processing to complete. 

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