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Citizenship in Montenegro

Double citizenship holders are entitled to several benefits provided by each country you are holding a passport to. Such features may grant the opportunity to use two social insurance systems, a right to vote and be elected in both countries, as well as grants access to public healthcare and education. A person holding two passports is permitted to work and do business in any of two countries not requiring any kind of residence permission or employment visa. Having two passports provides you the opportunity to travel visa-free to a bigger number of countries, depending on which passport you present at the border.

Another advantage of holding two passports is the ability to legally buy and own real estate in both countries. This may be relevant as some governments restrict owning land and/or real estate to nationals of third countries.

Become Montenegro citizen

In terms of migration, second passports, and citizenship by investment, we provide practical advice and services to business people.

Citizenship programs

The Montenegrin Citizenship Law of 2008 governs citizenship in Montenegro and is founded on the principle of ius sanguinis.

Citizenship by investment

The Citizenship by Investment Program in Montenegro requires applicants to make a defined economic contribution to Montenegrin society by investing in an approved development project and contributing to a government-designated fund for the progress of underdeveloped areas.

Citizenship by naturalization

In the interests of Montenegro, a petitioner may be admitted to Montenegrin citizenship by naturalization provided he or she meets the criteria.

Citizenship acquisition procedure

The entire citizenship acquisition procedure may be simplified into the following major steps: 

  • Drafting application and preliminary approval by our lawyers; 
  • Applying to the government immigration office; 
  • Government processes applied and perform due diligence checks; 
  • Decision on citizenship application approval; 
  • Performing an investment: real estate purchase; 
  • Citizenship certificate granted; 
  • Passport application and issuance. 

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