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Citizenship by investment in Montenegro

The Citizenship for Investment Program (or simply “CIP”) allows any foreign investors and entrepreneurs to apply for Montenegrin citizenship based on real estate investment. Montenegro Legal provides complete assistance with real estate purchases and citizenship applications.

Become Montenegro citizen

Contact us right now to request a preliminary appraisal. Our attorneys will contact you and provide you with a list of questions and papers that must be answered to acquire all relevant information. We’ll also be able to supply you with a list of available real estate properties that will allow you to apply for Montenegrin citizenship.

Citizenship by investment requirements

Several standards must be met by our attorneys and agents for your case to be effectively completed. The acquisition of a real estate property on Montenegro’s territory for a defined sum is the basic criterion for applying for citizenship in Montenegro:  

Investment solution #1  
An investor must purchase real estate property in the northern or central areas of Montenegro that is part of a government-approved construction project (except Podgorica). 

Property in these locations must cost at least EUR 250 000. 

Investment solution #2 
An investor must buy real estate property as part of a government-approved construction project in Montenegro’s southern or coastal regions, or the capital city of Podgorica. 

Property in these areas must be priced at least EUR 450 000. 


Regardless of the chosen option, there will be the following extra costs associated with the citizenship application procedure: 

  • a government processing fee of EUR 100 000; 
  • a EUR 15 000 application state fee for the investor’s application 
  • an application state fee of EUR 10 000 for the first 4 family members; 
  • an application state fee of EUR 50 000 for each next family member. 


Taking everything into account, the minimum total cost of a Montenegrin passport application for a single investor is EUR 365 000. 

Required documents

Applicants must have a clean criminal record, have a valid passport or travel document, and be able to show documentation of their financial situation.

Time frames

It is difficult to set specific time frames for the entire procedure because it is heavily dependent on your ability to obtain all required certificates and documents. If all requested documents are correctly provided, the government application assessment procedure can take up to 6 months.

Choosing the right legal form is a responsible task and requires a lot of knowledge and experience about each of the type of legal entity. Our team of experts has a lot of experience in this field and help with legal services on daily bases.

Benefits of becoming citizen of Montenegro

Although Montenegro is not a member of the European Union or the Schengen region, having a second passport offers numerous advantages, including visa-free travel, social and civil rights, and the ability to conduct business. 

  • Holding a Montenegrin passport, specifically, provide the following advantages 
  • Have a backup passport to display when crossing borders or filing tax returns 
  • Declare tax residence in Montenegro 
  • Montenegro provides citizens with complete social, political, and civic rights. 
  • Visit 77 countries around the world To 41 countries, visas are not required, and visas are available on arrival. 
  • Live in a green European country 
  • Acquire a local driving license 
  • Access European healthcare and education system 
  • Use new business opportunities and explore new markets 

Having a second or even third passport can be quite useful for both travel and taxation. As Montenegro moves closer to EU membership, getting a Montenegrin passport now can be a great investment in your future! 

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