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Short-stay visitor visa in Montenegro

Short stay visa is majorly for tourists, but other travel reasons may demand it too. This type of visa can be acquired for one or group entries into the country. It is possible to use this visa for multiple journeys into the country. The validity of the visa runs for a maximum of 90 days if the journey is uninterrupted, maximum of 180 days for interrupted journeys which are counted from the first day of entry.

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Who needs to apply for a short stay visa in Montenegro

The short-stay visa can be used for one, two, or more visits to Montenegro for tourist, business, personal, or other reasons. The validity of a type C visa is 12 months.

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Short stay VISA acquisition requirements

The following are some requirements: 

  • a completed application form,
  • a national identification document,
  • passport obtained not later than last 10 years,
  • health insurance for travelers,
  • evidence of a guaranteed place to stay,
  • booking a flight,
  • evidence of sufficient means of subsistence.


A short-term visa can be obtained for 35 euros. On average, the processing time spans from 3 to 10 working days. It depends on the country you are asking for a visa from. 

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