Montenegro Legal is a company providing business immigration, business support and business setup services. Our international team of lawyers, immigration agents and other specialists working in this industry is cross-functional and is capable of providing you complex services, based on your needs.

Montenegro is an attractive jurisdiction for international investors, as it offers citizenship for investment program, while having low taxation and not being on any offshore “black lists”. We can offer you the following types of services on the territory of Montenegro:

  • Citizenship for investment acquisition;
  • Company incorporation;
  • Legal translations and notarization.

See more descriptive list of services below.

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Citizenship for investment acquisition

Montenegro offers all foreign investors and entrepreneurs to apply for Montenegrin citizenship based on investment in real estate property; such program is known as the Citizenship for Investment Program (or simply “CIP”). Montenegro Legal offers full support during the real estate purchase and citizenship acquisition procedures.

The major requirement to apply for a citizenship in Montenegro is acquisition of a real estate property on the territory of Montenegro for a specified price. Double citizenship holders are entitled to a number of benefits provided by each country you are holding passport of. Such features may grant opportunity to use two social insurance systems, a right to vote and be elected in both countries, as well as grants access to public healthcare and education.

Despite the fact that Montenegro is currently not a part of the European Union or Schengen area – holding a second passport still provides many benefits to an individual, especially in terms of visa-free movement.

Company formation

We can offer you company registration services in Montenegro. Our lawyers will help you draft all documents required for company incorporation in a local commercial register as well as set everything up. Montenegrin company has a number of advantages, allowing to operate on the European market, while imposing low business taxation.

Incorporating a company in Montenegro may be beneficial for those seeking a jurisdiction having close ties with the European Union, while offering low corporate taxation for resident companies. In the same time, Montenegro does not qualify as “Black-list offshore”.

Legal translation

Every business eventually has a necessity to translate some legal documents to other languages. Quite often it is hard to find a reliable and experienced translator capable of not only translating the legal document in question, but also notarizing or legalizing the translation as well as provide all necessary certificates.