We can offer you company registration services in Montenegro. Our lawyers will help you draft all documents required for company incorporation in a local commercial register as well as set everything up. Montenegrin company has a number of advantages, allowing to operate on the European market, while imposing low business taxation.

Most of the entrepreneurs setting up a business on the territory of Montenegro often choose a standard Limited Liability Company, or simply – LLC. In Montenegrin language, limited companies are called “Društvo s ograničenom odgovornošću” shortly known as DOO. In its’ essence, DOO is a business structure with the liability of shareholders strictly limited by the amount of company capital they own as shares.

Advantages of Montenegrin company

Incorporating a company in Montenegro may be beneficial for those seeking a jurisdiction having close ties with the European Union, while offering low corporate taxation for resident companies. In the same time, Montenegro does not qualify as “Black-list offshore”, which would allow your business to operate on the territory of the EU and open bank account in European bank. Our lawyers can provide you a legal counsel and full legal support throughout the company formation procedure.

Among other advantages are:

  • Company formation procedure in Montenegro is easy and straightforward;
  • CIT rates offered are much lower in comparison to nearly all other European jurisdictions;
  • Montenegro uses Euro as its’ official currency in circulation;
  • Country is closely associated with the European Union and European economy;
  • A financial institution system which does not participate in the automatic information exchange.

If you require more information about the legal status and application of the Montenegrin company – please contact our lawyers. We will contact you back within next two business days and provide a business offer regarding requested services.

Company requirements

If incorporating a limited company in Montenegro the are several legal requirements, which must be necessarily followed:

  • Your company must have between 1 and 30 founding shareholders;
  • There are no legal restrictions, shareholder can be resident or foreign natural or legal person;
  • Paid share capital must be at least 1 EUR worth;
  • Director of the company must be resident of Montenegro, with paid salary;
  • Passports and personal data of all shareholders and directors must be presented.

All shareholders and directors must be at least 18 years old and have no legal restrictions set by law or by court, not allowing taking such positions in companies.

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Incorporation procedure

Despite being quite simple, company registration process in Montenegro includes the following major steps to be done prior to incorporation at the commercial register:

  • Choose a unique company name, not used by any registered business;
  • Draft all constitutive corporate documents in accordance with legal requirements, notarized by the public notary;
  • Choose and indicate in the corporate documents one main field of company’s activity;
  • Acquire licenses or rent physical office, if required by law, depending on indicated business activity;
  • Open a bank account and indicate legal address of the business (must be in Montenegro);
  • Design and create sample of the company’s stamp.

After all preparations are done – your lawyer will submit all documents for review and incorporation to The Central Registry of Business Entities (CBRE) of the Tax Administration. This public institution is responsible for reviewing constitutive documents and registering new businesses, as well as issuing companies a VAT tax payer number. The entire company formation process usually takes 5-7 business days.

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